What is a bookkeeper?
A bookkeeper is someone who produces financial records for businesses or organizations. They record financial transactions, update statements, and check financial records for accuracy.
What does a bookkeeper do?
A Bookkeeper is responsible for recording financial transactions, cross-referencing the books against bank statements, and providing accurate, up-to-date financial information about your business.
Why do you need a bookkeeper?
Having a bookkeeper helps you manage your day-to-day finances. With your income and expenses properly organized, it’s simple to review your financial resources and costs. They save you time by handling all the daily financial work for you, and allow you to concentrate on running your business.
What kind of financials do you provide on a monthly basis?
Profit & Loss statements, as well as Balance Sheets, are provided monthly.
Will this help me with my taxes?
Yes! With bookkeeping processes in place, you will have financial information ready for tax season.

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