Who Are We?

With over 50 years of combined bookkeeping, financial coaching, and accounting experience, Your Bookkeeping Partner (YBP) is a real-estate specific, full-service bookkeeping and payroll company, focused on providing real-estate professionals with a comprehensive financial experience.

Meet the Leadership Team

Kyle Harrison

President and Co-Founder of Your Bookkeeping Partner, LLC.
Kyle Harrison is the President and Co-Founder of Your Bookkeeping Partner, LLC. Kyle’s focus involves developing and executing on the firm’s short and long-term business strategies. He started his real estate business 17 years ago and is an agent and business coach with the top real estate coaching company: Keller Williams MAPS Executive Coaching. In addition to coaching top Keller Williams agents to the MREA systems and models, he specializes in leadership, team-building, ancillary businesses, financials, and wealth-building through real estate investing. He has been a coach for 5 years and have logged over 8,000 one-on-one business owner coaching calls. He is an active real estate investor targeting multi-family value-add properties throughout the midwest and southern regions. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University.

Amy Harrison

CEO and Co-Founder of Your Bookkeeping Partner, LLC.
Amy Harrison is CEO and Co-Founder of YBP and has been working with people and numbers for over 30 years. Her primary focus is client engagement, and she runs the daily operations. It has been a lifelong dream for Amy to own and run her own business. Amy is passionate about servicing real estate professionals to the highest level. She enjoys helping agents be intentional with their business, providing them with the tools to enhance their growth and make sound business decisions. She is Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certified, has attended numerous KW MAPS Profit camps and is well versed in the KW MREA systems, models, and chart of accounts.

Kristina Yonting

Chief Operating Officer
Kristina Yonting, also known as Happy to her peers, is the Chief Operating Officer for Your Bookkeeping Partner. She has worked with Coach Kyle Harrison and his clients for 2 years, gathering information needed for coaching. This opened an opportunity for her to use her data gathering skills on a larger scale, which is now her primary role in the company.

Happy has more than a decade of experience supervising and managing teams and currently monitors Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). She is in charge of YBP’s systems and processes, analyzes data for strategic decisions in the company, and supports YBP’s various department leaders.

Brittany Armentrout

Chief Financial Officer
Brittany Armentrout is the Chief Financial Officer, with over 11 years of full-time accounting experience. She has worked with large and small organizations of many industries. Brittany fully enjoys problem solving, critical thinking, and forming relationships with team members and clients.

Jaime Snyder

Director of Bookkeeping
Jaime Snyder is the Director of Bookkeeping, with over 15 years of bookkeeping experience ranging from work on a corporate accounting team, to managing the books for small businesses. When she started out in corporate accounting, it gave her the opportunity to see how a business could utilize its financial data to propel itself further. When her husband started his own contracting company, Jaime began doing his books. Over time she began doing more small business books and found it very rewarding to be a part of the business owners’ success.

Leslie Jane Querque

Director of Junior Bookkeeping
Leslie Jane Querque is the Director of Junior Bookkeeping, with experience supporting the accounting activities for a diverse range of clients. She has a background in property management, where she was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management and operation of various commercial properties. Leslie has experience managing financial transactions, generating reports, and administering payroll. She provides excellent professional service, accuracy, and confidentiality.

Izzle Gabrielle

Director of Data
Izzle Gabrielle, also known as Gab, is the Director of Data for Your Bookkeeping Partner. Her role focuses on data and analytics, as well as managing YBP’s data specialists. She’s an organized person with excellent attention to detail, and is a growth-minded worker who successfully meets the challenges of a fast-paced environment. Gab has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Ethan Pray

Director of Growth
Ethan Pray is the Director of Growth with a diverse background in real estate management for 6 years and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. With a solid educational foundation and extensive experience in financial management, he has shown his ability to drive profitability and provide strategic guidance to individuals and organizations in the real estate industry. Ethan's career consisted of being the Chief Financial and Operations Officer (CFO/COO) at a prominent real estate brokerage, where he implemented financial strategies that significantly contributed to the company's growth, managed budgets, and optimized financial success. Motivated by his passion for helping clients maximize their financial potential, Ethan transitioned into the role of a real estate financial advisor. He leverages his expertise to develop strategic financial plans and analyze specific business goals. His analytical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to his clients' success make him a trusted advisor for all business owners in the pursuit of financial excellence.

Siegfried Bognot

Director of Lead Generation
Siegfried Bognot is the Director of Lead Generation with extensive experience in client management. His role is focused on growing YBP through multiple lead generation channels. He works closely with sales and marketing and holds everyone accountable. He is extremely organized and is instrumental with tracking lead generation, conversion and growth. Sieg has a high level of accountability and a commitment to growth.

Our Mission, Vision, and Commitment

Our Mission
To empower clients in achieving financial freedom.

Our Vision
To create a comprehensive financial experience for business professionals.

Our Commitment
We will provide an elite financial experience with timely and accurate financial reports. We are partners in your business.

Our Values

Intentionally growing in all aspects of life

Seek to understand and gain clarity

Educated clients make smart business decisions

Teamwork allows everyone to achieve more

Doing the right thing in everything we do

Exceeding client expectations

We would love to be Your Bookkeeping Partner!  

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